Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Oh Reader, today, the morning was so lovely. And to think I almost missed it. I had only one class today and seriously contemplated bunking it. A, R and I had stayed up late talking for hours and hours.( I ought to mention here, how lucky I am to have friends like them. The sort with whom conversations are effortless and silences comfortable.)
Still, I woke up in time and went and was immediately glad. The class itself was very interesting, but the walk there was my happy thing for today. The last of the sticky, October heat passed last night and the skies were preparing for one final deluge before winter. The wind was swirling about the leaves the trees had shed, and clouds gently shaded the sun. It was exciting weather, the weather of change, if you will.
Tonight, I will pull out my thick blanket, snuggle in it and fall asleep, listening to the rain. Tomorrow, I will wake up to winter.


  1. seasons come and go, it is the feelings that each season invokes which makes us poetic.

  2. @Anon, they certainly do. Who knows where we'll be, the next time summer comes around.
    By the way, do you mind telling me how you came upon my blog?

  3. Your Anonymous ReaderNovember 10, 2009 at 9:40 PM

    Waking up to winter must be one of the best natural highs one can experience.

    I have been living near the himalayas for the past few months and let me tell you, waking up to the chill air and to the view of those peaks is something that needs a wordsmith like you to describe.

    P.S: I think you have a couple of anonymous readers :) .. I am the one who commented on your Jane Eyre writing style and longed for the perfect cupcake.

    We are acquanitances.

  4. Your Anonymous ReaderNovember 10, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    * and the first comment was not by me.......Damn this must be confusing for you. :)

  5. Aye! I really look forward to waking up these days :)

  6. "Tonight, I will pull out my thick blanket, snuggle in it and fall asleep, listening to the rain."

    Precisely what I did all day long. Had a lot of stuff planned out today. Down the drain it went. Was too brilliant a weather to stay awake.

    p.s.: nice blog :)

  7. Whether did I miss my present mornings first pleasure?
    names are secondary to sincere feelings. Let us not spoil the elevated happiness.

  8. @Anonymous Reader, you're right. I am thoroughly confused right now. Got any more clues for me?
    @Archana, I really hope this weather lasts :)
    @Aarathi, me too!!!
    @Groop, "too brilliant a weather to stay awake". You are so right!
    @Anon, I apologize. I've posted now, to make up for yesterday. Do keep visiting.