Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today's been busy, Reader. I've been trying to bake all day, but just when I got my butter softened, Amma made me go shopping, and then just when I had my dry ingredients sifted, it was time for lunch and I had to clear down. Then Appa came home and he, Amma and I had a long cose. Then I had to attend a function in the evening and then it was time for dinner. Remembering all the tall promises I made back in Mumbai, I finally settled down to bake in earnest at 10 in the night. The house was silent, everyone else asleep. I sifted and stirred, whisked and tasted to my heart's content. Finally, I popped the last batch of cupcakes into the oven and looked around. The whole house smelled of spice and chocolate. I was dusted over with flour, had a chocolate smear on one arm and two slightly burnt fingertips.
I wasn't sleepy yet, indeed  was rather peckish, but nothing in the fridge tempted me. After messing about with butter and cocoa and cream and chocolate for hours, I really didn't want anything the slightest bit rich. Finally my gaze alighted upon the oranges Amma bought me today, that I had callously stuffed into a bottom shelf to make room for my glossy confections. They looked promising, they weren't chocolate.
I juiced a couple of oranges into a bowl, impatiently, with my hands, and squeezed a lime in for good measure. Then I poured the juice into a glass goblet (I like doing things in style), straining it through my fingers. Finally I took a glorious, puckery sip collapsed into a chair and started to tell you all about it.


  1. Your Anonymous ReaderNovember 7, 2009 at 7:30 PM

    Another Day brightened!
    I have to admit when I first read Jane Eyre, I liked it a lot but didnt think the first person addressal style would work anywhere else.

    You have proved me wrong. It works for you in a way that made me long in nostalgia for that perfect cupcake I had had almost 5 years ago and made me wish wish I had the creativity or talent to perfectly convert such simple pleasures to words.

  2. @Aadarsh, thank you so much.
    @Anon, you are far far too kind. And I must admit to being a little jealous. I've never yet eaten a perfect cupcake. My own leave a lot to be desired.

  3. Your Anonymous ReaderNovember 9, 2009 at 5:24 AM

    The Day: 05th June 2005
    The Place: Auckland, New Zealand
    It was a beautiful specimen, covered with an out-of-this-world Chocolate Ganache icing and delicately coated with assorted sprinkles.

    I call it perfect because what followed the goosebump-inducing experience of eating it was a near perfect day which was spent taking the beautiful new zealand scenery.

    As with most things, I am sure that the idea of this cupcake is so amped up in my head that when i do get to retry it (and i plan to revisit that bakery just for this purpose someday) it will not live up to its place in my head.

    Nevertheless, it is this memory of the "perfect" cupcake that has made me sample every single one I have found after that only to be disappointed and it is this memory that your words have so sharply evoked.

    P.S: It was 4 years ago not . It seems that contrary to some opinions, I suck at math.

  4. This particular batch of cupcakes, that we were lucky enough to be the consumers of, was awesome!

    After a long day, we enter the room, full of wingies, talking about everything, and smell a batch of cupcakes, that we happily devoured!

    It cant get better :)

  5. I'm a few days too late, but I have to let you know how eternally grateful I am for that glorious midnight binge :)) And not to forget Aunty's awesome aloo-onion paratha. It's kept my week rolling rather effortlessly :)