Sunday, November 15, 2009

Out of the Blue

Reader, I’m sorry I didn’t get back in time yesterday to tell you about my evening. We went out to dinner, a farewell dinner of sorts because G is returning to IIM for another couple of grueling months. We went to ‘Out of the Blue’ and talked for hours in the candlelight. More than anything the place has nostalgia value for us, G had written about it just that morning and we all wanted to go back there and feel that way again. I had the sun dried tomato risotto and nicked fries off everyone else’s sizzlers. We talked for hours, only pausing to eye well dressed women and make snarky comments about them.


  1. Women are good at commenting at other women. More often with a sigh. Feeling,What others are, they aren't.
    Nostalgia seem to be driving back and forth the blogs! It is a nice feeling to visit the past. It brings in certain maturity to the present and the future.

  2. @Anon, we women do tend to be rather critical, don't we? You're kind to say it's mostly of ourselves, not sure that was the case that night though.