Friday, November 13, 2009


Reader, sometimes I feel very old. I remember a time when there were no supermarkets. When you went to the local kirana store when you needed supplies and chatted with the Uncle behind the counter as he took down your goods. They had their own charm. But now, you're confronted by rows and rows of gleaming shelves lined with product after bewildering product in a vast maze of choices. I remember entering my first supermarket, Ratnadeep in Secunderabad. Reader, I was terrified that I'd get lost in there and held on tightly to Amma's hand throughout.
Eventually though, supermarkets went from terrifying to fascinating in my mind. Isn't it wonderful how inventive people can be? That there can be a hundred different sorts of chocolates on a shelf, each distinct from the other, that people come up with newer and cleverer marketing gimmicks all the time, which I invariably fall for, that you can stand in a vast, tiled room for hours and hours and make so many choices!
I've exhausted my supply of superlatives right now, but you must've figured out that I went to a supermarket today, by now, Reader. And it was as much fun as I remember.


  1. True! Supermarkets give a sense of organised shopping. You get to see different varieties of the same product with mild shades of uniqueness, yet packed. You nearly spend time more than decided, but there is a treat to the mind.
    How creative is the human mind!
    Aging or maturity?

  2. Your Anonymous ReaderNovember 14, 2009 at 9:58 AM

    If you feel old, I must feel ancient.

    I somehow still like to visit the old _kirana_ walas(atleast the ones that still have survived) whenever possible. I like the connection you feel in getting served by the shopkeeper who always looks like he is part of the decor. I revel in the smiles of recognition you are greeted by even if you are just a sporadic customer.

    I have never felt at ease in a supermarket. Don;t even get me started on "hypermarkets...
    Wait a minute. This blog is supposed to be about stopping and identifying the little things that make us happy. I am sorry for bringing it out with my inner cynicism. I will be sure to check my baggage at the door from now on. :)