Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Reader, I was promised a meteor shower. It is to peak at 3:12 am, but I should have been able to see signs of it from 10 in the night. It's 2 am right now and my eyes are half closed already. I went up to the terrace in the hope of seeing perhaps a few streaking meteors (and I chuckled a little just now when I typed 'streaking'), but all I saw were a few peacefully twinkling stars. There was a pleasantly chilly wind though and the coconut trees nodded at me in a friendly manner. 
I used to lie flat on my back on the roof of our house, look up at the night sky and try to think of nothing. I remember being frightened. The sky was so big, I felt so small. Night sounds seem so eerie, even the chirping of a cricket or the rustle of a tree. And of course you think of all this when you're trying to think of nothing. But I felt awe too, at the majesty of the night, at how endless it seemed and at how lucky we were the live in the certainty that tomorrow, day would come again. 
Tonight, I remembered how I used to feel lying alone for hours on the roof. It took so little to make me happy then. I never had to question anything, never make any choices or decisions. For a few minutes, on that terrace, I felt that way again. 


  1. I still remember those nights at my grandparents house where there wudnt be enuf place for all of us (cousins) to sleep inside the house ... so we wud carry quilts and mattresses outside and make ourselves cozy under the summer moon and cool partly wet cement floor and lie on our backs talkin into the night and falling asleep without realizing while trying to count the stars every night

    those were those nights with endless stars and thr r these nights where its hard to find a single star in between these tall concrete buildings

  2. Exactly! I also remembered lying down on the terrace at home on summer nights, gazing at the sky, when I went to terrace y'day night.

  3. Your Anonymous ReaderNovember 18, 2009 at 10:53 PM

    I have found the night sky always looks its most majestic when viewed from a deserted beach. One of my best memories is from a whole night spent lying on a wet deserted beach in low tide (the name of the beach will put my anonymity in jeopardy).

    This was a beach untouched by human beings except for a few fishermen. I spent about 6 hours just staring at the pitch black moonless sky and saw 26 shooting stars before I stopped counting. I had never felt so small.