Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Card games

Today, we sat around in a circle and played cards, A, S, G and I, and for a little while it was like old times, like they hadn't all moved away, like nothing had ever changed or could. Reader, I have a confession. I don't really like playing cards. As my companions will readily tell you, I really suck at card games anyway. But I still play, because I love spending time with them and they love cards. We played one game, then one more, then another, easily losing track of time as we slipped back into old modes of talking, old jokes blent with new stories. They've been halfway around the world, I've been here.
I messed up game after game and we laughed at my clumsiness. I lost G (unluckily doomed to be my partner in several rounds) several points and she grew quite exasperated, albeit affectionately so. There was no time for nostalgia, during our busy, funny game. It was only when I said goodbye to them and shut the door on the chilly night air that it hurt, a little. Ah well, I shall see them again tomorrow.
It's New Year's Eve. What plans, Reader?


  1. I have come across the reference to card game in Pope's Rape of the Lock. Here, he names Ombre,Whist, Lu giving political form to its names- king, queen, knave etc. from then onwards alluding to contemporary political affairs of the state.
    I guess, you are not political.
    I do realise it is a senseless game, but people get addicted to it.

  2. I knw i shudnt have missed it :(
    But I cudnt help it either .... I hate it that we always end up meeting when I have a morning class the next day.... damn !!!

  3. Its been 15 days since your last post !!!