Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm back, Reader. I think what I need is a routine. Every evening, 7 pm, post on blog. Something I can stick to. Otherwise I wander away from here and don't return for weeks on end.
It's February now and I don't quite know where the winter went. It seems like just yesterday that I was curling up in bed, pleasantly shivery, but now I already have my rickety fan on as fast as it can go. This is also the month I turn twenty two. Twenty two isn't a particularly significant age, I suppose. I firmly hold that all birthdays after twenty one are simply depressing. I look back on my year and wonder what on earth I've achieved. (I know I should've already done this on New Year's, Reader, but I was too busy partying then) I made a list over the weekend of things to do in the nine days left before I officially turn a year older. It's a rather scandalous list though, so I don't think I'll tell you about it here.
I do love though that my birthday comes in the spring. There's such an air of possibility around. I don't think anyone can be depressed for long in the spring. Why, just today, an adventurous squirrel clambered onto my windowsill and snatched away a hunk of bread almost from my fingers.
I'll spare you the long introspection today Reader, I still have nine days left to complete it. Wish me luck on my list!


  1. Bombay's winters are so nakli. :( But Spring B'days would've been completely awesome...if you'd been able to celebrate these properly without writing/worrying about exams!

  2. Hey! Advertising the world for compliments on your birthday???
    Sorry!!! Certain things are better left silent. They are too private.My Personal SUGGESTION)

    On Achievement....
    I remember Wordsworth's sonnet - On attaining the age of Twenty Three. A must read one!
    Depression happens when you allow it to set on you. At 22, life is at its best to begin an ambitious life full of promises! Coast on that line.

  3. How many blogs can I expect this month? I sort of stopped by to peep. Initially this used to be my oft visited place, somehow, we were rambling for quite sometime!!!!!
    Anyway, good to visit, but will I be regular?
    That is also one of the reason, I prefer to stay anonymous.

  4. Your Anonymous ReaderFebruary 9, 2010 at 7:03 PM


    I can't believe its just been a little more than a month since you last posted. It seems much longer. Can you believe I have been to this space twice daily for every single day that you haven't posted? _That_was part of my daily routine, 7AM: wake up;check "In Pursuit of Happiness";get on with day;11PM: check "In Pursuit of Happiness"; end day;

    You have me hooked Ms. Bronte. I hope you know it's a big responsibility for you. If you keep having this big breaks in between, I am sure I'll be finding myself writing poetry about longing and other unrequited stuff.

  5. @Leonardo, I know Bombay's winters are rather tepid, but you won't catch me complaining :) As for exams, I thought at least in my final sem, I wouldn't have to worry about them on my birthday, but I just found out that I have a paper on 18th. I suppose I can kiss my dinner plans goodbye :(

    @Anon1, it's good to meet another Wordsworth fan.

    @Anon2, I'm afraid I can't make promises, but I do intend to do my best to be regular. Thanks for visiting.

    @Anon3, yes I am!

    @Anonymous Reader, I'm incredibly flattered by your admission. I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long; I've been going through some stuff that isn't much fun to talk about on a blog. But thank you, thank you for being here when I returned.

  6. Feels like me (who has taken inspiration from your blog) has posted more often than you have done... which is not a good thing