Friday, December 11, 2009

The absence of pain

"Joy is not the absence of pain," says Ayn Rand. I say, pshaw. I'd been having a splitting headache all day, Reader. The kind that makes even smiling feel uncomfortable, the kind where you want to lie curled up in bed, your head wrapped in pillows, desperate for sleep or oblivion. Well, I finally fell asleep at eight, which is why I'm up now, at 3 am and annoyingly perky. My headache's gone, I have lots to do and I'm happy.


  1. Glad that your headache is gone :)
    (I am a new anonymous reader, and you do not know me in any which way)
    (I hope you will allow me to read your blog. I loveeeee it. It makes me happyyy.

  2. Glad your headache is gone.:)
    (I am another anonymous reader, and you do not know me in any which way. But I hope I am allowed to read this blog.I really really admire the way you write, and the way you think. And reading your blog always makes me really happy. :) )

  3. @Anon, Welcome! I love having new readers, especially ones as flattering as you :) Please make yourself comfortable and stay as long as you like.
    I would also love to know about happy moments in your day, if you care to share.

  4. I posted the same comment twice :(
    You could delete one of those.
    You have inspired me to write about my happy moments, but I suspect they wouldn't sound so much fun. You have a gift of making every experience beautiful through your writing....

    btw, do you like Ayn Rand?

  5. Oh that doesn't work, my name still shows up.. :(

    This was the most pathetic attempt ever at being mysterious and anonymous...

  6. @Komal, thank you for coming out. I greatly prefer my readers to have a name :)
    Thank you also for your praise, you are far, far too kind. I'm ever so glad I've inspired to write about your happy moments too. The world will be a better place if there's more happiness to go around.
    I am a huge Ayn Rand fan, but unlike the days when I first read her, I no longer believe that Objectivism is the philosophy that will transform the world.

  7. ok... who is komal now? and are all the anon comments from the same person?
    well... you definetly have inspired me.... and i still am writing everday (well i atleast have one moment for a day )

  8. Well all the unknown comments on this blog are from me...And I am Komal...and I happened to chance upon this blog...

    Sorry for all the confusion