Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cherry Red

Who says happiness can't be packaged. In this case, it came in the form of a small golden tube in shiny pink casing, that smells like raspberry jelly and is filled with Shade# 352, Cherry Red. I've wanted to try red lipstick for nigh on two years now and yesterday, finally I took the plunge. Reader, did you know how many shades of reds there are out there? I most certainly didn't. There are reds with blue undertones and orange highlights, glossy reds, sparkly reds, matte reds, liquid reds. A red for every skin tone. Cherry happens to be mine.
I wonder if I'll ever have the courage to wear my red lips in public. Still, I'm wearing them now, while typing out my report to you, sneaking occasional glances in the mirror. Perfectly happy.


  1. My matured aunty suddenly seem to be in a mood of smearing ghastly red on her perfectly natural lips? What's happening?
    First line itself indicated the description would be of lipstick only! Writing is the index of the mind!!!!!!!!

  2. @Anon, matured Aunty? Really, that's how you think of me? I must be doing something wrong :)

  3. @ anon: you definetly don't know girls

    @ niths: I have my own fav shades of lip color which i try for no reason :D it simply makes you feel so gooood :D