Monday, December 14, 2009

Hot chocolate

I'm back home Reader. It all happened very suddenly. One moment I was pondering what happy moment I would tell you about today and the next, I was packing my bags and my heart was singing.
I reached home by around 11 in the night and surprised Amma and Appa. It's humbling how happy I could make them. Then K threw a tantrum, so I stood in the kitchen at midnight and boiled milk for hot chocolate. It was when I watched the chocolate make brown swirls in the white milk that it all sank in.


  1. What a wonderful family you must be having to get so much of love! Midnight chocolate! It sounds something strange!

  2. I do have a wonderful family @Anon, one of the very best.
    Midnight chocolate is a very common occurrence in these parts, just as it should be.