Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twenty Two

I'm twenty two, Reader. It had to happen. A whole year older and not a whit the wiser. Still, I did manage to do quite a few of the things on my list. As for the rest of them, serves me right for not giving myself enough time, but I do have the whole of twenty three to do them in.
I seem to be invested with an almost unrufflable placidity. K calls it cow-like, but then brothers will be unflattering. I prefer to call myself chill  (I wonder how much longer I can get away with slang, before I become too old and lame to use it.) I do wish though that I could rile myself up on my failings and bring myself to do something about them. So far all I've managed is gentle chastisement; I can't bring myself to be harsh to myself...
It was a lovely birthday. A, S, R, G and I had dinner last night and excellent conversation. Then I came to the wing and proceeded to get smeared with cake. I fell asleep smelling like chocolate frosting.
The morning was spent quite.. um... placidly. In the evening Amma and Appa came over expressly to wish me, and I felt very loved.

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