Sunday, February 14, 2010


Oh Reader, I was so determined not to be a cliche this Valentine's day, and yet, I ended up writing poetry all morning. I'd been selected to participate in the Poetry Slam of the Kala Ghoda festival and I admit to you freely, Reader, poet I am not. So I cussed my way through some muddled verse in the morning and went there anyway, because the experience would count, wouldn't it? Besides, it'd give me something to tell you about when I returned.
The festival was lovely, albeit extremely crowded. Serves me right, I suppose for putting off going there till the very last day, along with what seemed like most of Mumbai's population. By 6 in the evening, I found myself in the lawns behind the David Sassoon library, nervously correcting my scribbled verse. We were on stage soon and some of the other contestans were really quite incredible. I quaked to go up after them, but my last year's experience did give me some assurance. I ended up placing second and meeting some very wonderful and talented people.
S was there cheering me on and doing lots of his own networking. We ended up dining at Leopold's cafe, before I sleepily boarded a train home. Single Valentine's Days can be pretty awesome too.

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