Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's hot and dry and dusty outside. I'm indoors today though, and the curtains are drawn. I've foregone the bright sunlight for artificial blue light. Panda spent all morning panting up at me with his tongue out. Now he's asleep under my bed. All I can see of him is a curling black tail with a feathery white tip.
He'll wake up soon and half-heartedly beg me for a walk. I'll half-heartedly comply and we'll trudge miserably on the tar road outside as the heat from the earth rises to our faces.
Still, I really can't complain. The exam I was preparing for is over, for better or for worse. I've spent two days shopping, and didn't once feel the heat while I was out. I have two more precious days of freedom and I'm going to waste them gleefully. I don't have a plan for my dissipation. N and I used to discuss how we would commit acts of calculated irresponsibility. We did it too. But uncalculated irresponsibility is a first for me and oh, so freeing.
I suppose my reckoning will come, but right now, I'm too hot to care. 

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