Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's half past nine on Sunday morning and the air outside is still and heavy. We had a sweaty night with one annoying little mosquito buzzing near my ear throughout. For once, I woke up before the dog. He looked as surprised as I felt. We stumbled outside at six and it was already bright and sunny.
When we came back, I sipped my coffee as Panda careened madly about on the grass. That first sip of coffee, fresh from the filter... it's my favourite part of the day. I take a sip and taste the warm, bitter liquid, then I swallow and feel the caffeine spreading through my veins. Almost immediately, the dog seems funny, the sunlight feels pleasant, the newspaper interesting.
Now I'm settled down to work, with the dog flopped at my feet. He's wrapped himself around the legs of my chair which makes getting up a highly delicate activity. I like to pretend I'm chained to my desk and that I have to stay here and work till he gets up. No distractions. Except of course, to come here and tell you about it.


  1. Haha.. You write well.. And yes, coffee is divine :)

  2. Why thank you, Pallav. I just visited your 'Spirit of Adventure' blog, and I loved your and Minakshi's story. I hope you get to travel to all the places you've dreamed of.

  3. Ah, that... Lazy bums that we are, we never gave any shape to it.
    And our story.. haha... i'd say its been fun..