Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I packed all my possessions into cardboard boxes today. And then, I baked brownies.
We're shifting houses tomorrow. I like the new house. It has a fig tree and a lawn for Panda to play in. I've already picked out the back room for myself. When I look out the window, I can see the tree and then a high, rather intimidating compound wall.  
I don't have much to pack. Clothes, books, a yoga mat and a map. I've never cared to spread myself out. Not have I ever hung picture frames. I don't think I get attached very easily to places or homes. Or maybe the heat is just making me listless.
My brownies turned out lovely, although baking them in the afternoon heat wasn't fun. The butter and chocolate melted as I touched them, leaving greasy streaks on my hands, that Panda licked intently later. The brownies baked up deep brown and chocolatey, with thin, crackly skins. 

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