Saturday, April 7, 2012

T came over last night. I cooked. Spaghetti in a roasted tomato sauce, and garlic bread. I read of this really cool trick in an article by the food stylist of Julie and Julia. You toast your buttered bread in the oven till it's browned and hard. Then you rub a raw garlic clove over it. The bread acts like a grater and the stuff smells divine. Toast, butter and garlic. Sigh.

We watched Say Anything and kept pausing the movie to talk instead. It's nice to believe they would have lived happily ever after, no reader? I like movies like these, because you know that no matter how miserable the people in them are, in the end it will all get better.

Panda -who is rather mercurial with visitors- was safely locked up with a rubber bone and a bowlful of bread and milk. He does not like being locked up and he grumbled all night. He also chewed up a pillowcase, but I suppose he felt entitled.

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