Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer storm

I'd been feeling restless all day, but I couldn't figure out why. At around 4 pm -when I got up to make myself yet another cup of coffee- I looked outside. The light had changed from bright yellow to sepia and the trees rustled ominously. I whistled for Panda and we sat outside, watching leaves blow across the lawn.

I love the sheer power of a summer storm. There is a terrifying energy in the rumble of thunder, the rush of wind, the dancing dust that stings my skin. I kept a soothing hand on Panda's neck as he watched with me, bright-eyed and rapt. In an instant it was as dark as night. The afternoon sun was hidden by the hurrying clouds. Panda whined, sensing something strange was going on.

We sat and watched as the rain came down and the smell of the earth rose from below our feet.

Afterward, I went for a run. The fat, stinging raindrops soaked me to my skin.

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