Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Sun

Reader, I've been silent a long time, I know. The thing is, I come here time and again, begin to type and then stop, because I don't quite know what to say. It's a constant conflict I have: where to draw the line? I'm here to share my life with you, but how much is too much?
So today, finally I decided, no explanations. Our relationship is such that we don't need them. We share happiness, not sadness. So today, I'll tell you what made me happy. It's been raining cats and dogs in Mumbai, a dreary, grey sheet of rain that seems almost diabolical in it's timing. It waits Reader, till I think it's safe to sneak out for a few minutes, and then catches me unprepared and drenches me gleefully. But today, the sun won the battle it's been fighting for the last three months, with the clouds. It shone out, triumphantly and I went out on the terrace, to bask. There's light again around me, coulors are brighter the geese in the pond outside are loudly and untunefully happy. I am happy too, because I am leaving here soon. Very soon.


  1. Look at how much things change in a few months.....
    Jus a couple of months ago ur blog was all about how u r gonna miss this place so much and all.... and now u sound happy abt leaving it :)

  2. We are all ears to listen to ur poetry of words.

  3. Your Anonymous ReaderSeptember 5, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    It's been a long time. You disappeared. I was lost for a while, spent countless days checking my rss feeds for an update. Then some good things happenned in my own pursuit of happiness - found some direction in my career, restarted my creative pursuits after a long time and most importantly found someone wonderful. In short, the last 6 months have been good to me.

    It's good to see you back and back to your Bronte self. I have always focused on the mood of writing and not so much on the exact specifics but this time I am a bit curious. At the risk of crossing the line - I was under the impression you were in your last year of college at Bombay last year. Why are you back there and why are you leaving?

    As Always, your wordplay, short as it was,made my day.

  4. @Roomie, haina! When I read this blog back, later, I'll be able to watch myself change.

    @connect2ppl, you are far too nice.

    @Anonymous Reader, I wish you wouldn't exaggerate so, it's not good for my ego. But thank you for coming back.
    I'm so glad your pursuit is going so well, I'd love to learn more about it, if you care to share.
    My last year in Bombay was to end in July of this year, but I took the summer off and so, finished a month late.

  5. I miss Mumbai rains and the sun!

  6. How much is too much. . . tis the universal crisis :P, especially for a blogger

  7. @Sumedh, I know! I have a whole host of unpublished pieces for this blog, I've hesitated before hitting "Post." It's nice to know others who have the same problem.